Congrats – Jax 2019 Safety Award Winners

And the 2019 Safety Award Winners are… View the 10 Drivers who went above and beyond this year.

Congrats to the best of the best this year. Here’s the list:

  •     Josh Branscum
  •     Craig Byrd
  •     BJ Chester
  •     Jason Davis
  •     Victor Holmes
  •     Clayton Lindsey
  •     Aurelliano Martinez
  •     Jose Quintana
  •     Juan Reyes
  •     Daniel Wilson

How did we come up with the list of winners?

Although many were deserving of this Award this year, we narrow down our list of great drivers to the Top 10 driver’s that consistently possessed the following qualities: Dependability, Flexibility, Loyalty, Attitude, Longevity and above all else, Impeccable Safety Records.

How can you make the list?

All Jax Transport, LLC Office and Shop Employees were given a nomination form and we asked them to list driver’s they felt were deserving of the award. All Votes were tallied up and, if you’re in the top 30 drivers nominated, we look at a couple of attributes to pare-down the list of winners. This includes how long you have been with the company and, above all else – your over all Safety Scores.

Start Now

It’s about to be a new year and a new chance to start afresh. Maybe you can be featured here next year!

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