First Truck!

“Zero interest on purchasing my truck – who does that?”

I’ve heard good things about Jax for some time now from other drivers I bumped into. I finally started driving for them recently and decided to try to get my first truck. They make it really, really easy.

Jax Transport, LLC charged me zero interest…everyone else wanted to charge me an arm and a leg!

Unlike other companies who wanted to charge me a $10K down payment and high interest – and, I have really good credit. Jax did none of that. They only charge $5K down and zero interest. Who does that? This is not just for me, they offer these terms to everyone wanting to start their own fleet of trucks.

Best part is, $2,500 of the down payment can be applied towards future repairs – whether at their shop or not. And, they have a great maintenance program. I take my truck to do routine maintenance at their shop. Their maintenance is really top notch. They really make it easy.

Most companies wanted to charge at least $10K down payment. Jax only charges $5K, and $2,500 goes to future repairs…

Whether it’s dispatch, safety or anything else, the guys and gals in the office are always available to help out. They really have your best interest in mind and try hard to help you build your business. Some of the guys have built fleets of over 30 trucks running for Jax.

If I had to give advice to someone wanting to start their own trucking company in Amarillo, I’d say you’ve got to work hard and put in the effort. Jax will give you all the opportunity you need to succeed.

It’s simply a good company to work for. They really helped me and my family. I’m very blessed to be part of the Jax family.


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